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Download Guitar Hero GOD Torrent PS2

Download Guitar Hero GOD Torrent PS2

 Baixar Age Of Empires 2 The Age of Kings Torrent PS2

Download Guitar Hero GOD Torrent PS2


Versão do Guitar Hero 2 Hackeada, veja as músicas na LISTA.

Lista de musicas do Guitar god de ps2
e as dificuldades que pode jogar
OPS:do hard para baixo so funciona do multiplayer

1. Séries e Animes:
. Angra/ Pegasus Fantasy Instrumental(Cavaleiros do Zodiaco) [EXPERT]
. Asian Kung Fu Generation/ Haruka Kanata(Naruto) [ALL]
. Jason Paige/ Pokemon Main Theme [EXPERT]
. The Rembrants/ I”ll Be There For You (F.R.I.E.N.D.S Theme) [EXPERT]
. Iron Maiden/ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers [EXPERT]

2. Metal:
. Iron Maiden / Fear of the Dark [EXPERT]
. Angra/ Carry On [EXPERT, HARD]
. Avenged Sevenfold/ Bat Country [MEDIUM, HARD,EXPERT]
. Slipknot/ Before I Forget [EXPERT, HARD, MEDIUM]
. Dragonforce/ Through the Fire and Flames [HARD, EXPERT]

3. Seleção 1:
. Nirvana/ Smells Like Teen Spirit [EXPERT]
. Muse/ Hysteria [ALL]
. Linkin’ Park/ A Place For My Head [EXPERT]
. Dropkick Murphys/ Shipping up to Boston [EXPERT]
. Engenheiros do Hawaii/ Era um Garoto [ALL]

4. Seleção 2:
. Sublime/ Santeria [EXPERT, HARD, MEDIUM]
. Jerry C./ Pachabel’s Canon [EXPERT]
. Three Days Grace/ I Hate Everything About You[EXPERT, HARD]
. Elvenking/ Seasonspeech [ALL]
. Van Halen/ Panama [ALL]

5. Seleção 3:
. Helmet/ Unsung [ALL]
. The Black Mages/ Those Who Fight Further [EXPERT, HARD]
. Lynyrd Skynyrd/ Sweet Home Alabama [ALL]
. Helloween/ I Want Out [EXPERT]
. Pantera/ Cowboy’s From Hell [All]

6. Seleção 4:
. Trans-Siberian Orchestra/ A Last Illusion [EXPERT]
. Chavie/ Johnny B. Goode [ALL]
. Shadows Fall/ Redemption [EXPERT, EASY]
. S y s t e m Of A Down/ Chop Suey [EXPERT]
. Avenged Sevenfold/ The Wicked End [EXPERT]

7. Difíceis:
. Joe Satriani/ Surfing With The Alien [EXPERT]
. Andrew Buch/ Tripollette [ALL]
. Pantera/ Cemetery Gates [EXPERT]
. Ozzy Osbourne/ Bark at the Moon [ALL]
. The Living End/ Prisoner Of Society [EXPERT, HARD]

8. Quase Impossíveis:
. Deep Purple/ Highway Star [EXPERT, HARD]
. Armandinho/ Brasileirinho [EXPERT]
. Liquid Tension Experiment/ Universal Mind [ALL]
. Cacophony/ Concerto [ALL]
. Dragonforce/ Fury of the Storm [EXPERT]

. George S. Clinton/ Mortal Kombat Theme [EXPERT]
. SR-71/ Goodbye [EXPERT]
. Rhapsody of Fire/ Emerald Sword [EXPERT]
. Dream Theater/ As I Am [EXPERT]
. Rise Against/ Give It All [EXPERT]
. Dream Theater/ A Change of Seasons [EXPERT]
. Breaking Benjamin/ The Diary of Jane [ALL]
. .S y s t e m Of A Down/ Toxicity [EXPERT]
. Avenged Sevenfold/ M.I.A [EXPERT]
. Angra/ The Temple of Hate [EXPERT]
. Trivium/ The Crusade [ALL]
. Red Hot Chili Peppers/ By the Way [EXPERT]
. Jimmi Hendrix/ Voodoo Child (Slight Return) [EXPERT]
. Yngwie Malmsteen/ Vengeance [EXPERT]
. Heavenly/ Evil [EXPERT]
. Apocalyptica/ Hall of the Mountain King [EXPERT]
. Stevie Ray Vaughan/ Rude Mood [EXPERT, HARD]
. Iron Maiden/ Phantom of the Opera [EXPERT]
. The Eagles/ Hotel California [EXPERT, HARD, MEDIUM]
. Deliverance/ Duelling Banjos [EXPERT]
. Blur/ Song 2 [EXPERT]
. Stratovarius/ Speed of Light [EXPERT]
. Puffy AmiYumi/ Teen Titans Theme [EXPERT]
. Dark Moor/ Vivaldi’s Winter [EXPERT]

Download Guitar Hero GOD Torrent PS2
Informações do Arquivo:

Plataforma: Playstation 2
Tamanho: 3.26GB NTSC

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